sleepy, dazed from a restless sleep, but awake; eager, alive, excited. morning sunshine buzz, crisp fresh autumn air


I commenced a 6 week project whereby every Sunday morning for one hour I reference a mirror at my desk to create a self portrait with oil pastels. The medium, method and reference remain the same – I am attempting to recreate the same image each week. At the end of the six weeks I will post and effectively unveil the six works of my Agell series. 

This is a technique adapted from one used by art therapist Gladys Agell. One purpose is for the artist to experience the impact of their own emotional sate on their art work. 

Self portrait was my own selection of theme. For the Agell series, the theme, method, and medium could be any.

I’ll post a weekly sneak peek snap of my piece and quick recap of where I was that morning. Stay tuned.


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