My art is dually an exploration of embodying glimpses of emotion in both human and spatial portraiture, and an active investigation of and effort to eternalize past occurrences and sentiments on a tangible surface – the painted canvas. Primarily with oils on canvas as my preferred medium, I aim to breathe new life into physical surfaces that pay tribute and recognition to the past – be it a moment, an era, or a nostalgic memory. Subject ranges from whimsical-natured reflections on recent pop culture, to odes to friendships and personal studies of loss within the family. I often use pastels, acrylics, ink and charcoal on a variety of surfaces as studies and sketches for paintings, life drawings and illustration.

By my own experience with painting as a healthy and therapeutic process, I use art as an expressive channel to document internal impressions of my surroundings. Though my work is personal, I attempt to engage the viewer in reflections of the universal and surreal nature of memory in extending the life of fleeting moments and emotions into the present. As a graduate from the University of Toronto’s contemporary Visual Studies program and a current MA of Art Therapy 2016 candidate at the George Washington University, I am currently working in Washington, DC, towards a future in accessible arts, creative therapies, and as an artist.

I also work in illustration and create scenes corresponding with written word or ideas. I actively accept proposals for illustration and portraiture; drawing and painting. Contact me at katherine.j.tucker@gmail.com.


V & 1st NW 2015 18×24″ pastel on paper